Kevin McQuillan & Serena Arora

We're experienced thought leaders and heart workers who changed careers, marital status, and the country we call home in order to embody living on purpose. Our aim is to support you doing the same.

With almost 40 combined years of experience and education, we're honored to lead you towards a life of empowered practice.  We call it the Art of Living Well.

~ Kevin & Serena


This human journey we're on is a shared experience. Yet, the way you do, think, feel, and react to the world is unique to you. If you're ready to discover your pattern, re-invent your relationship to yourself, and create the life you want.

Kevin brings an inherent sense of compassion, safety, and direct action-based guidance to direct you towards relationship satisfaction, stability, and self-development.



Take back control of your own health and learn to restore your own balance, vitality, and radiant wellbeing through Ayurveda, the Science of Life. Your session with Serena includes an initial private consultation AND a follow up session after 30 days. Commit to a daily routine that contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional fabric of your wellbeing.



Authenticity, vulnerability and connection is at the heart of the human experience. Yoga classes with Kevin will leave you feeling curious, connected, and empowered to be the person to lead the life you truly want.

Receive one new powerful 75 minute yoga class and insightful conversation every single week with your monthly subscription.


Desire To Heal

Stop outsourcing your healing. Within you already lies the potential and wisdom to eradicate uncertainty, confront where you’ve settled, and rediscover parts of yourself that you’ve lost or hidden away.

Kevin has designed a signature 8-day online course where he, and the skilled McQuillan Method Team, will guide you through your own process of unlocking and cultivating meaningful results in your life.

Discover and overcome your own personal obstacles, connect with other growth-minded individuals, and take ownership of your life.



Relationship Ease for Women

Our 4-Week Online Program is uniquely designed for women to explore the building blocks to personal freedom. We’ll explore both the complexity and the reward of being in relationship, as well as the necessity of being skilled in them. We'll support you in becoming a healthy feminine presence as you cultivate compassion, intimacy, and fulfillment in your relationships and in your life. Learn how to eradicate uncertainty, confront where you’ve settled, and live with more purpose and ease.

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Weekly Classes Online

Those who have taken Kevin's yoga classes before know and love the unique conversations, themes, and dynamic therapeutic approach that he takes.

Sign up for a weekly conversation and yoga experience with Kevin in the comfort of your own home.

Weekly Yoga Class & Convo


Online Course

Awaken to Ayurveda is an introductory practical guide to self-care and communication through an Ayurvedic lens.

Ayurveda is not a magic pill. It takes dedication and daily practice to implement these foundational self-care principles into your daily routine so that you can feel more radiant, vibrant, and fulfilled.

With Awaken to Ayurveda, you'll receive immediate access to the complete Awaken to Ayurveda self-paced, online course which includes two parts: Language of Transformation Through Ayurveda and Ayurveda ABCs: 

  • ¬†Total of 18 lessons
  • ¬†Serena's signature daily self-care routine¬†Ayurveda ABC's¬†(10 Ayurveda daily practice instructional videos with corresponding PDFs)
  • ¬†2 x 90 minute online pre-recorded course modules on¬†"The Language of Transformation through Ayurveda"¬†led by Serena Arora and Kevin McQuillan
  • ¬†Relationship Dosha Quiz
  • ¬†Reflective exercises
  • ¬†4 CE credits towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirement (please email me directly to apply)

Regular Price: $495 


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The Art of Living Well

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