Ayurveda ABCS: 9 Steps to Radiant Health

Overwhelm, anxiety, and depression are all a result of being disconnected from yourself.

Reconnect daily to your body, mind, and soul with this 9-step easy-to-remember ABC format that Serena created from her 20+ years of experience studying, embodying, and teaching the intricacies of yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Done every day, you'll feel grounded in your body, clear in your mind, and connected to your heart on a whole new level. Are you ready to become the most radiant version of yourself yet? Then this program is for you.

You Get:

  • 9 video demonstrations explaining the "why" behind each daily practice
  • Downloadable PDF guide
  • Self-Care Resources & References


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Finally Released!

Vintage (@2007) Yoga "DVD" Collection

Taught and recorded in 2007, Serena originally intended to release her two signature Core Fusion yoga classes on DVD at the time. Her teaching style has since changed, yet her unique sequencing, fluid delivery, and meaningful meditation in motion remains. Finally released in digital format.


Core Fusion Yoga Level 1

Spinal fluidity, mobility, and flexibility is the cornerstone to a healthy nervous, circulatory, and immune system. Build strength and immunity and calm your mind in this 60-minute modified yoga flow guided by Serena. With 3 levels shown, choose to modify or amplify your practice.



Core Fusion Yoga Level 2

Challenge your body and mind to a dynamic and rejuvenating whole body workout that balances strength and fluidity. Using yoga, core and upper body strengthening movements, Serena offers various levels so you can modify or amplify your practice as you see fit. After all, you are your best teacher!


Ayurveda - Yoga Sister Science Bundle

Bundle all 3 and Save!

You Get:

  • Ayurveda ABCs': 9 Steps to Radiant Health
  • Core Fusion Level 1
  • Core Fusion Level 2


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